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Tuz came from North of Russia, from the famous Kennel Romanov Dom. Tuz is truly a North dog. He loves to sleep only on the snow. His brothers and sisters are now winning dog shows in different countries. His father is champion of Russia and one of his brothers was recently sold to the native place of the breed, because they wanted the best blood lines back in their country.


Central Asian Shepherd Dog Alabai

Mother of Tuz - Romanov Dom Puma

Kuzbass Bashi Narciss.jpg

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Alabai

Father of Tuz - Kuzbass Bashi Narciss


 Central asian shepherd dog Shakar came to us from a famous Kennel in Russia "IZGIRIN". Many outstanding and Champions dogs came from this Kennel Central Asian shepherd. Now the brother of Shakar - 'Shaman Shir' is the international Champion. Her father has a lot of titles - he is Champion and Grand Champion of many countries and of Europe. Shakar is a nice and a strong dog.

Набира Акгуш Шилеле_edited.jpg

 Central Asian Shepherd Dog Alabai - Father of Shakar - Nabira Akgush Shilele

Камея .jpg

  Central Asian Shepherd Dog Alabai - Mother of Shakar - Zardak Kameya Tayur


Nata is a young central asian shepherd dog . She is about one year old. She came from IZGIRIN Kennel  Central Asian shepherd, like Shakar. She is white and a very nice girl.

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